Uniview Warranty Policy for Flash Storage Products
Uniview Warranty Policy for Flash Storage Products
Uniview provides limited warranty service for its current flash storage products including TF cards and SSDs within the standard warranty period.

The “limited warranty” means Uniview will provide free repair, replace, or refund services (excluding shipping expenses) for products that have a quality problem on the condition that the warranty period hasn’t expired and the total bytes written hasn’t exceeded the specified TBW/reads and writes(P/E).
*TBW (Total Bytes Written) means the maximum, total bytes of data (unit: TB) written to the SSD within its warranty period.
*P/E means the number of times that data are completely overwritten within the warranty period of a TF card.

1. Uniview does not assume warranty responsibility in the following cases:
* The total bytes of data written exceeds the TBW/read/write (P/E) of the product.
* The product is disassembled; the software or hardware is altered without permission from Uniview.
* The product label, serial number, or anti-counterfeiting label is removed, modified, or altered.
* Fault or damage caused by third-party products, software, services or actions.
* The product is not used as per instructions or operation manual; or not used for the intended purposes or in the intended environment.
* Damage caused by impact, fire, lightning strike, flooding, human negligence and natural disasters or force majeure.
* A valid warranty certificate and a valid original purchase invoice or receipt for the product is not available;
* Fault caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation or testing;

2. Sending product for repair:
Customer who chooses to send the product for repair via a courier or by him/herself needs to fill in a Uniview product return-for-repair form and send it with the product to the nearest service branch. Customer shall bear the risks and expenses arising therefrom, and carefully choose the delivery method, courier, and whether to purchase transportation insurance.
A specific fault description must be given on the product to facilitate inspection and repair at our service branch.
For faults caused by accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, improper installation or testing, the customer must bear the costs of testing, failure analysis, transportation, and other expenses arising therefrom.

Attachment: Warranty periods and life ranges of flash storage products
Model Warranty Period P/E Cycles
TF-32G-T-L5-year limited warranty>=500
TF-64G-T-L5-year limited warranty>=500
TF-128G-T-L5-year limited warranty>=500
TF-256G-T-L5-year limited warranty>=500
TF-32G-T5-year limited warranty>=1000
TF-64G-T5-year limited warranty>=1000
TF-128G-T5-year limited warranty>=1000
TF-256G-T5-year limited warranty>=1000
TF-32G-MT2-year limited warranty>=3000
TF-64G-MT2-year limited warranty>=3000
TF-128G-MT2-year limited warranty>=3000
TF-256G-MT2-year limited warranty>=3000

Model Warranty Period TBW
SSD-128G-S33-year limited warranty>=64 TB
SSD-256G-S33-year limited warranty>=128 TB
SSD-512G-S33-year limited warranty>=256 TB
SSD-1024G-S33-year limited warranty>=512 TB
SSD-2048G-S33-year limited warranty>=1024 TB
SSD-256G-P3-M23-year limited warranty>=128 TB
SSD-512G-P3-M23-year limited warranty>=256 TB
SSD-1024G-P3-M23-year limited warranty>=512 TB
SSD-2048G-P3-M23-year limited warranty>=1024 TB
SSD-1024G-P4-M23-year limited warranty>=512 TB
SSD-2048G-P4-M23-year limited warranty>=1024 TB