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Prime Network Camera
Smart functions, flexible application.
Suitable to commercial building, park and small project.
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Incredibly, you can always find the ideal product in the UNV Prime range, which has even more advanced features to achieve excellent performance. Each of Prime series is designed specifically for a particular market. Prime-III are professional cameras for color imaging in ultra-low light conditions powered by ColorHunter technology. Tri-Guard products from Prime-I series provides guardian at night, integrating ColorHunter, Active Deterrence and Smart Intrusion Prevention into one camera.
Compared to the Easy series , the Prime- I series has enhanced hardware such as WDR, audio, alarm, SD cards. Available in a variety of mainstream resolutions, such a s 2/4/5/8MP, different levels of image quality can be displayed. Prime-I series also features Smart Intrusion Prevention to reduce false alarm. Prime products are commonly used in commercial buildings, parks and small project applications to effectively ensure safety.
Deliver colorful image at low light environment.
Provides colorful image 24/7 with vivid details.
Smart intrusion prevention to reduce false alarm.
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Prime III Professional Series
Tri-Guard, Guardian at Night
ColorHunter, Carving a Colorful World
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