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One of the most influential certification standard systems in the loT field. Many certified candidates have become elites and technical backbones from various industries.The true value of the certification is well-known in the industry.
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Brief Introduction of Certification
The Uniview Certified Engineer (UCE) is an IoT certification system established by Uniview, which is focused on several fields such as CCTV and Display & Control . Based on different certification requirements in various technical fields, three major certification systems have been set up: Uniview Certified IoT Associate (UCIA), Uniview Certified IoT Professional (UCIP), and Uniview Certified IoT Expert (UCIE), respectively.
Uniview Certified IoT Expert
UCIE (Uniview Certified IoT Expert) is the highest level of technical certification in Uniview Certification System, which indicates that the certified person has extremely rich expertise and outstanding practical experience in the field of IoT.
Uniview Certified IoT Professional
UCIP (Uniview Certified IoT Professional) is a certificate that certifies the practitioner's personal ability has reached the senior engineer level in the field of IoT, which in turn indicates solid professional skills and excellent practical experience in this domain.
Uniview Certified IoT Associate
UCIA (Uniview Certified IoT Associate) is a certificate that certifies the practitioner's personal ability has reached the engineer level in the technical field of IoT. This certification attests to the individual's proficiency in scheme design, implementation, and maintenance within the IoT domain.
Certification Value
Access to the IoT Industry
Uniview Certification is a stepping stone to the IoT industry. With its precise and comprehensive knowledge system, as well as excellent course design,participants will be able to easily enter the industry.
Technological Strength
The three-level certification and assessment program empowers you to fully grasp the professional knowledge of IoT and to effectively design and implement IoT solutions. Your abilities will be significantly enhanced, enabling you to adeptly respond to changes across various business scenarios.
Promoting Employment
By taking Uniview Certification courses, participants can continually improve your professional skills, bolster your core competitiveness in career development, and significantly enhance your personal value in the job market.
Certification Process
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Certificate Upgrading
Technical Certification
Display and ControlUCIA—D&C//
Exam Taking
Verify Certificate
Candidates who have passed Uniview Certification can visit the official website to inquire the electronic certificate.
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