Graphene Material
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Plastic and metal are by far the two most widely used materials for camera housings. Despite their versatility, there are still limitations in terms of practical applications.
Uniview applies graphene material to UNV camera housings as an innovative design. This material has excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.
Meanwhile, the production cost and energy consumption of graphene are much lower than other materials, which is very consistent with sustainable development.
Core Technologies
Heat Dissipation
Corrosion Resistance
Great thermal conductivity contributes to fast heat dissipation.
Graphene has good chemical and thermal stability, which makes it quite reliable in corrosive environments or at high temperatures.
Reliable in corrosive environment
Keep reliable at wide temperature range
The carbon dioxide emission and energy consumption of graphene composite materials in the production process are only 15% of those of cast aluminum.
Cast aluminum
Application Scenarios
UNV cameras with front face housing made of graphene can be applied in various scenarios.
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