Shipment Receiving Guidelines

Two transportations and requests of sign,please do as follows:

I.DDP TERM (which Uniview is responsible for the carriage)

If the goods are found abnormal when recepted, you should sign abnormal on receipt documents .if there is no receipt documents about express, you should contact the express to complain about the abnormality immediately, then feedback the information to our company within 7 days of receipt, we will conduct an investigation at the same time. If after 7 days, the abnormal feedback (such as deformation, damage, wet, damp, missing parts, wrong parts), you need to deal with it by yourself.

II.OTHER TERMS (such as FOB, which the forwarder is designated by you)

Taking the handover of the cargo ownership as the interface, if there is any abnormality during the handover, please note the abnormality (such as deformation, damage, wet, damp, missing parts, wrong parts)  on the handover documents. If the handover documents are signed cleanly, but it is found deformation, damage, wet, damp, missing parts, wrong parts and other visible abnormalities after arrival, you should claim to your forwarder.

To receive and inspect the cargos, please refer to the following steps:

1. As our company is responsible for the carriage, if the package is found deformed, damaged, wet, damped, or has obvious signs of breaking when picking up the goods (except official unpacking inspection), please do as follows:

a) If it is slightly deformed and damaged, or slightly wet and damped, which does not affect subsequent use, please sign for it.

b) If it is severely deformed and damaged, or severely wet and damped, which affects subsequent use, please unpack the severely damaged goods immediately to inspect the quantity and damage, indicate the situation on the receipt document (deformed, damaged, wet, damped, few parts, wrong parts), then sign for it after inspection and feedback to our company ASAP.

2. If you finds abnormalities after signing and picking up, such as missing or wrong parts after unpacking, please deal with the box as follows:

a) Take photos of the outer box: a full-profile photo on each of the 6 sides, a photo of the upper and lower sealing tapes, and a photo of the label. The photo should be able to seen the handwriting on the label.

b) Take photos of the physical objects in the box: all objects in the box require a full-profile photo of the label side. The photo should be able to seen the handwriting on the label.

c) After the photos are completed, please feedback it to our company in time, our company will investigate the reason and determine the follow-up process solution.