1. Introduction

This document addresses Warranty Policy applicable to the hard disks purchased by DISTRIBUTOR that are returned to UNV DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED (“UNIVIEW”) for free-of-charge warranty. UNIVIEW provides free-of-charge warranty during the warranty period due to product design defects or malfunctions caused by defects in materials. The warranty policy described in this article is not only used to guide customers to use hard disk in a healthy manner, but also serves as the basis for judging that some appearance failures out of warranty service.

2. Hard Disk Warranty Policy

1) The hard disk warranty period and warranty service is subject to the terms of the contract signed with UNIVIEW.

2) Including but not limited to the following circumstances, hard disks are excluded from UNIVIEW's free-of-charge warranty.

a) Hard Disks are not sold by UNIVIEW;

b) Hard Disks that are exceed the warranty period;

c) Poor appearance due to transportation or usage, including broken PCB board, damaged interface, deformed disk body, or other hard disks that have reached the end of life conditions;

d) Any of the tag, serial number of the device is modified, smeared, removed or broken;

e) Damage caused by disassembly, repair or modification without authorized by the company;

f) Damage caused by natural disasters (typhoon, flood, etc.) or force majeure;

g) Surveillance hard disk is excluded from free-of-charge warranty in the event that it is used for the business of Virtual Currency (e.g. the mining of BTC);

h) Poor appearance: including but not limited to the problems shown in [Figure 1 ~ Figure 16];

Figure 1: Surface unevennessFigure 2: Scratches
Figure 3: Edge brokenFigure 4: Sharp Object Impact
Figure 5: Pins brokenFigure 6: Components damaged
Figure 7: Interface brokenFigure 8: PCB scratches
Figure 9: Corners flattenedFigure 10: Violent plugging
Figure 11: Broken LabelFigure 12: Lifting
Figure 13: Wear blurFigure 14: Tamper-resistant
Figure 15: Screw loose or missingFigure 16: galled thread
Figure 17:Screw hole slippingFigure 18:Screw hole blocking

3. Transportation recommendations

Please pay attention to standardizing your shipping packaging during the hard disk shipping process to reduce the risk of secondary damage. The failure phenomenon covered by the warranty policy caused by improper logistics are also excluded from UNIVIEW's free-of-charge warranty.

1) Packaging recommendations

a) If possible, use blister packaging

b) Under unconditional case, buffer cotton is required to protect the surroundings to avoid stress damage during transportation.

2) Packing suggestions

a) Hard disks are evenly placed in the carton

b) Leave some space between the hard disk

4. Disclaimer

UNIVIEW will not be held responsible if you have any organization and personnel (such as agents or sub-distributors) make any additional commitments that conflict with this warranty policy ; In order to protect your interests ,written certification should be sought from the agency or person making the commitment to ensure that these additional commitments are fulfilled.

5. Remarks

The above statement can replace other verbal or written guarantees. UNIVIEW reserves the right of final interpretation and modification of this document.


UNV Digital Technologies Company LImited
January 2020