1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose and coverage of this document: This document is specific to the warranty policy for display products (LCD\Monitor\LED\Smart Interactive Display) purchased by clients outside China (“clients”) of UNV DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES COMPANY LIMITED (“Uniview”). Under the circumstances that the local laws of the jurisdiction where the product is sold are inconsistent with the regulation herein, the local laws and regulations shall prevail. Written approval from Uniview is required for any exceptions to the policy that a client requests.

1.2 Policy Revision: Uniview has the right to revise part or all of the policy at any time without notice. This policy shall not be revised by any other individual or organization.

1.3 Uniview Responsibilities: Uniview’s sole responsibility for warranty coverage is limited to maintaining or replacing under-warranty defective products returned by clients.

1.4 Inspection and Acceptance Requirement: Clients (including consignor of the client) is required to inspect and accept the product based on Inspection Regulation of Display Products (Overseas Market). This term only applies to products passed inspection and acceptance.

2. Warranty Terms and Conditions

2.1 Product Warranty Period: Uniview provides a 2-year warranty period for LCD and LED products, and a 1-year warranty period for Smart Interactive Display and Monitor products. The warranty period of a product is commenced on the date the product is shipped by Uniview.

2.2 Service Mode: In order to recover the normal work on site in time when failure occurs, it is recommended to purchase no less than 5% of spare parts with orders (integer if decimal). If a product failure occurs, the client should contact the after-sales technical support team of the corresponding area for failure judgment. If the product failure is judged as a product quality issue, replacement service will be provided by Uniview. During the process of failure judgment, support team will need cooperation from the client to help with troubleshooting. The client should actively cooperate so as to effectively reach the conclusion on whether the service shall be provided or not.

2.3 Shipping of Spare Parts: Replacement service shall be provided if the after-sales technical support has confirmed that the product failure is caused by quality issue. Uniview will deliver the corresponding spare parts in the latest purchase order of the client. Under the circumstances that the client did not purchase spare parts or the spare parts were not managed well by the client, the client needs to pay compensatory shipping costs for high-class rapid shipping solution.

2.4 Faulty Product Handling: By signing and accepting the spare parts/products, a client is considered to accept the Uniview spare parts/products exchange service, and be cooperative in returning the faulty product back to Uniview (with the same packaging conditions as the factory packaging). Clients are responsible for shipping fees for product to be shipped back to Uniview. If the faulty device is not considered worthy of repairing, the client is responsible for scrapping the product based on the local laws and any expenses caused thereafter.

2.5 Batch Products Quality Issue: It is considered as batch products quality issue if within 1 month the same failure judged by the Uniview after-sales technical support team as product quality issue occurs to at least 5 PCS of products from the same order with a total failure rate of exceeding 5%. Uniview shall provide a written description and solution of the issue within 5 working days and help the client to recover system as soon as possible, otherwise the client has the right to apply for returning the products and negotiate for compensating the direct loss caused by the batch products failure.

2.6 Maintenance Period: Maintenance period depends on if the manufacturer and the client comply with the RMA policy and other variables. Uniview does not guarantee that the service period will meet any specific schedule, client’s requirements or end user’s requirements.

2.7 Technical Support Service Hotline:
USA: 800-860-7999 | Canada: 800-914-6008
Other Regions:+86 571 85309090 (English)

3. Limited Warranty Rules

Warranty Coverage: Each of bellow circumstances is not considered as under free warranty coverage.

3.1 Tear or alter product labels, serial numbers or anti-counterfeit labels;

3.2 Open or eliminate the cover or case without permission from Uniview.

3.3 Change or modify the hardware without permission from Uniview.

3.4 Use or install the product without following the guidance from the manuals published by Uniview.

3.5 Damage caused by impact, fire, lightning, flooding, corrosion, high temperature, falling, entry of foreign matter, improper working environment (including but not limited to electronic surge, water intake and exposure to high heat) and lack of reasonable protection or force majeure such as earthquake and fire.

3.6 Uniview only provides the warranty services stated in this policy or agreed in the contract terms signed by Uniview, and has no obligation to respond to any request for warranty beyond the stated in this policy and without written consent of Uniview.

3.7 Uniview does not guarantee the client data stored in its products or in other forms related to the products, and the client shall be responsible for the backup of the relevant data to prevent loss.

3.8 Uniview is not responsible for any ordinary, secondary, incidental or special damage. These losses include the loss of recorded data, the cost of recovering the lost data, the loss of profits and the cost of dismounting any product, the cost of installing and replacing the product, and the cost of any inspection, test or redesign involved in any repair or replacement activity caused by any defect in the product.

3.9 Accessories and consumables are not covered by the warranty, such as random manual, power cord, cable, relay interface converter box, etc.

3.10 After the inspection and acceptance of LCD products, Uniview shall not bear warranty responsibilities for panel damage, scratches, fluid leakage, light leakage, pressure line, envelope damage and other physical damage problems.

3.11 Sell the product to other third-party countries without the permission of Uniview.

3.12 Out of warranty period specified above.

4. Service Policy for Product Out of Warranty.

Uniview shall not be obligated to provide support or maintenance for the products beyond warranty period. Once the client requests maintenance for product beyond warranty period, the following terms shall be followed:

4.1 Service Policy: Uniview provides maintenance quotation service for products beyond warranty period. If accepted by the client, maintenance work will be carried out after signing the agreement by both parties.

4.2 Fees: For all products beyond the warranty period, the client will pay all expenses including but not limited to the entry and exit freight, maintenance fee of the products. Note: If the product is finally deemed as "unrepairable" during the maintenance process, the client shall bear all the costs of returning the product including but not limited to the freight and customs clearance fee, and shall also bear the legal obligations of waste disposal within the territory of the client.

4.3 Maintenance Period: Maintenance period depends on if the manufacturer and the client comply with the RMA policy and other variables. Uniview does not guarantee that the service period will meet any specific schedule, client’s requirements or end user’s requirements.