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Why outdoor parking lots must need UNV 4 inch dual-lens PTZ camera?
The outdoors parking lots generally covers a large area, thus, has multiple entries and exits.Sometimes, one outdoor parking lot can park up to hundreds of cars at once. On a regular day, the lighting in an outdoor parking lot changes greatly day and night. With these mentioned problems, some challenges occurs in the outdoors parking lots surveillance.
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Uniview & Control4 Smart Home Solution
Uniview now has integrated with Control4, a provider of automation and networking systems who offering a personalized and unified smart home system to automate and control connected devices including lighting, audio, video, climate control, intercom, and security.
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Uniview Launches New 4 Inch Dual-Lens PTZ Camera
Traditional IP cameras can monitor the panorama, but cannot track details very well at the same time. Likewise, traditional PTZ cameras can focus on details, while panoramic information is lost.
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ColorHunter+Dual lens: Catch color from wider view
Conventional cameras not only have a small field of view of images , but also do not provide a high quality colorful of images. Therefore, as a professional equipment provider, Uniview has released a 4MP wide-view ColorHunter+ Dual-lens camera to bring users a wide-view, clear and vivid image.
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ColorHunter + Varifocal: Catch Color from Faraway
Conventional colorful cameras cannot zoom in the details of objects, which affects the acquisition of object information. Therefore, as a leading global manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions, Uniview has released a 4MP ColorHunter+varifocal camera to bring users clearer picture details and better color performance.
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Unlimited New View: Uniview revealing new brand vision
UNIVIEW, a global manufacturer, technology, and solution provider, revealed its new brand vision, Unlimited New View (global.uniview.com) in cooperate initiated business summit.
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UNV Thermal Camera, where the change begins
Uniview recently released a new thermal camera. Thermal cameras and traditional cameras have different optical principles. Thermal cameras display images by receiving thermal radiation from objects, therefore, it is able to "see" a lot that traditional cameras cannot "see" through temperatures, thus achieving more functions and practicalities. In addition to amplify the“see through” characteristic that thermal camera usually comes with, the new thermal camera also contains smart intrusion prevention function, fire detection, and temperature monitoring features.
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The 2022 Winter Olympics Where Broadcasting Goes Digital
What was the first project related to the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 that Uniview received? Can you tell us more about Uniview's work on this project?
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