Uniview Wows Crowds at Intersolar Europe with Launch of All-in-one Residential Energy Storage System

Intersolar Europe, a highly anticipated event in the global solar technology industry, took place at Messe München (Munich Exhibition Center) from June 14th to 16th, 2023. This landmark event united a diverse array of manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and service providers, all working to further the worldwide energy revolution. Among these distinguished participants, Uniview stood out with its energy storage product. Uniview is proud to present its cutting-edge energy storage systems designed to meet diverse power requirements and provide solutions for those in need of reliable battery-powered storage system, portable power station, or residential energy storage.

There was a palpable buzz at the FM.704/51 booth, as industry leaders, technology enthusiasts, and curious onlookers gathered to discover Uniview's latest offering. Attendees took a keen interest in understanding the product's application scenarios, features, installation, and maintenance procedures, drawn in by the impressive capabilities of the products.

The B10(ESS-SAH5B10-A-EU), UNV sophisticated Residential Energy Storage System, made a striking impression at Intersolar Europe. It displayed its robust and inventive nature, providing solutions for energy independence, cost-saving measures, grid-free operation, and comprehensive home intelligence. Many attendees aptly dubbed it the "energy bank", underscoring its potential to bring about a sea change in home energy management. The innovative design, which masterfully integrates battery, BMS, PCS, and EMS into a seamless whole, earned significant praise. Its plug-and-play feature, which not only streamlines installation but also minimizes costs, was a highlight for many attendees.

The B10 stands out with its high safety standards, reliability, and impressive lifespan of up to 6000 cycles, giving it a competitive edge. Attendees were fascinated by its intelligent design, which enables real-time system status monitoring and dynamic load data monitoring for optimal energy allocation. The B10's notable features, such as 6KW output power, 10.24KWh battery energy, 9KW solar input power, two independent wide voltage MPPT inputs, fanless integrated heat dissipation, and exceptional conversion efficiency of up to 97.6%, have garnered significant attention. Furthermore, its sleek, rounded, and modern design reflects Uniview's commitment to blending aesthetic excellence with practical innovation. With its unique combination of functionality, intelligence, and style, the product is set to redefine the standards of home energy management.

Throughout the exhibition, the booth of Uniview remained a hot spot of activity. Tonny Liu, President of Uniview's Energy Storage Department, expressed his delight, "The enthusiastic response to our product at Intersolar Europe is both thrilling and affirming of our direction in renewable energy technology innovation. As we look forward, we plan to launch more products, amplifying Uniview's contribution to the global energy industry."

About Uniview:

Uniview has over 16 years of experience in the security industry and possesses strong research and development capabilities. The company is continuously expanding its product line to meet the diverse needs of customers, like energy storage system, display and control product. Uniview provides accountable, high-quality, user-friendly, and safe products for homes and businesses worldwide.

Uniview strives to drive the advancement of energy storage technology, offering advanced and reliable solutions that promote efficient utilization and sustainable development of energy resources. With the integration and application of lithium-ion battery energy storage and AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) technologies, Uniview is dedicated to developing state-of-the-art ESS products that cater to various scenarios, from portable power stations to residential energy storage systems. Through continuous innovation and unwavering dedication, Uniview aims to become a leading brand in the global energy management field.

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