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Unleashing the Thunder of Ancient Sands: The Camel Races of Egypt, Areesh Province
In the land where ancient wonders rise, a tradition as old as time itself echoes through the shifting dunes of Egypt. From the vast expanses of the Sahara to the lush oases that dot the landscape, Egypt's camel races are an emblem of the country's rich cultural tapestry. For centuries, these majestic creatures have been revered and relied upon by Bedouin nomads and traders who traversed the treacherous desert routes. Today, their legendary speed and unwavering resilience take center stage, captivating locals and travelers alike.
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Building From Ground Zero, the Nairobi Highway
In this morning while I was doing some ‘light reading’, a curbing drunk driving article from Kenyans News caught my attention, the news says, an accident happened on Nairobi highway, at least 18 people lost their lives. And not long ago, two nasty accidents just occurred.
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Add more color to the sky, bring safety to the passengers
As a city expanding and flourishing, its population grows. Naturally, burdens on city as well as urban traffic systems is becoming real. A solution that optimize traffic systems and utilize manpower effectively to simplify the complex and complicated city traffics is in desperate need. Keep traffic flowing and help people get where they need to be, in a smarter and smoother way, is where it’s at.
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To Expedite Istanbul AFAD’s Disaster Response Plan with Uniview
Istanbul AFAD (İstanbul İl Afet ve Acil Durum Müdürlüğü), responding to the unique structure of Istanbul, prepares the city for disasters with an organization and leading practices in accordance with the Turkish Disaster Response Plan of the Disaster Emergency Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministry of Internal Affairs AFAD).
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UNV Commercial Display Delivers OZLOOK A New Generation Welcome Center
Aussie Look (trading as OZLOOK) based in Melbourne and founded in 2012, aims to provide premium communication products and services for local residents and international travelers as strategic partner with Telstra.
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Commercial Garden Complex M Avenue in Marrakech Relies On Advanced Uniview Security System to Alleviate Risks
UNV surveillance solution offers optimized security management for customers and improved overall experiences for visitors at M Avenue, Marrakech.
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Uniview Helps MotoGP Mandalika Circuit To Tackle the problems of safety
MotoGP, an international motorcycle race founded in 1949, has become a veritable world race on five continents. After 47 years, MotoGP had an Indonesian station for the first time in 1996. In Indonesia, it is famous for its worldwide class racing track with a length of 4.31 km and beautiful views around the track.
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Uniview provides a more intelligent and safer environment in Produbanco, Ecuador
Uniview provides a complete intelligent solution for Produbanco and Broches to guard the bank in all directions, making its monitoring efficient and intelligent.
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