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Uniview Korea Branch Supports Disabled Workers with Security Equipment Donation
To mark the 44th Day of the Disabled in Korea, on April 3rd, Uniview sponsored the Byung-dong Sheltered Workshop in Seoul.
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Preventing Bird Collisions with Buildings: International Fund for Animal Welfare and Uniview Take Action
Dr. Kamil's first visit to Hangzhou in March 2024 coincided with the blossoming of spring, filling the Uniview headquarters with the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds. Beneath the glass curtain wall of the R&D building's fourth floor, he joined Dr. Zhou Di, director of the Uniview Research Institute, in applying bird collision prevention stickers. Engineers aimed to alter the fate of birds colliding with glass.
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Uniview introduces new APPs: UNV-Link for end users and UNV-Link Pro for installers
We are delighted to announce that in the middle of March 2024, we will officially launch UNV-Link (for end users) and UNV-Link Pro (for installers). These two apps will replace the EZView service, and it is expected that EZView will stop its service in 2027. Users who need it are advised to download the new apps in time, and they can log in with the same account to use them
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Uniview Statement on National Defense Authorization Act
According to the latest relevant regulations of the U.S. government, Uniview declares that the following UNV products sold in the US meet the requirements of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
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Uniview Shines with Innovative Technology & Solutions at the 2024 Intersec Dubai
Dubai, UAE - January 17, 2024 - Uniview is making waves at the 2024 Intersec Dubai security exhibition with a booth that is abuzz with excitement.
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Connect & Create: Uniview Global Partner Summit Recap
October 31st, 2023, Hangzhou – Uniview recently hosted its much-anticipated Partner Summit for 2023.
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Network Security Advisory
With the popularity of network video surveillance, more and more networking products are used in public networks, such as Network Video Recorders, Network Cameras. But the public network environment is more vulnerable than internal network. Your devices might be attacked by various viruses. Please take all necessary measures to enhance network security for your device.
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Introducing Uniview's New Product Package: Infusing Energy and Vision into Every Detail
Uniview, a global provider of AIoT products and solutions, is excited to unveil its new product package, marking a significant milestone in the company's evolution. With a fresh and invigorating look, this update enhances the overall customer experience while aligning with Uniview's core values and aspirations.
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