Watch out! The Wandering Earth 2 posters incoming!

The box office of the "Wandering Earth 2" reached 1.2 billion CNY within 3 days!

This spring, the "Little Broken Ball" makes a strong returns!

Our rising star – Uniview Cameras makes high-frequency appearance on the big screen, netizens commented, “The performance is so young and fresh because of the innovative high tech involvement, is so aged and mature because of its killer acting skills” (comments by netizens)

Is it based on just appearance, or competence?

Let's find out!

#Uniview Camera Form the Eye of MOSS



Origin: 550W super quantum computer,

Nickname: Little Moss (:P everything sounds cuter with a “little”)


From 550A to 550W, numerous iterations have finally enabled MOSS to have powerful computing power that can support billions of calculations.

However, the emergence of crisis is also the optimal solution obtained by MOSS through absolute rational calculus for the survival of human civilization.

The camera close-ups that appear repeatedly in the film also seem to be inextricably related to MOSS.

These front-end video and radar devices are like the "eyes" of MOSS, which can form a multilayer perceptron and provide huge amount of real-time information for the making of intelligent algorithms.

The close-up shots of these cameras seem to be the foreshadowing for MOSS to gain insight into the situation. More mysteries will be uncovered.


The imagination of the future industrialization scene in the film is also demonstrated in the UEG base where the space elevator is located

Can you recognize Uniview devices among them?

Provided equipment and technical support, delivered 423 products of 45 SKUs, Uniview is thrilled to participate in The Wandering Earth 2. To all dream-seekers, to all adventurers, to all explorers, together, we never stop looking for new way forward.

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