Guardian at night, protection on site
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Most crimes happen at night, disguised by the cover of darkness. The conventional camera can't catch enough details when in dark environment. Also, conventional cameras typically alert after events happen, which hardly makes a deterrent.

UNV Tri-Guard series integrates Smart Intrusion Prevention, ColorHunter and Active Deterrence into one IP camera. It can not only alert when events happen, but also get color information in low-light environment. Tri-Guard 2.0 has upgraded to the red and blue light alerting, which is more noticeable than white flashing lights, especially in low visibility weather such as rain and fog. Coupled with a high-power 3W speaker, Tri-Guard 2.0 ensures a powerful alert effect.



8MP@30fps high-quality images improve user experience

F1.0 big aperture

Collect 4 times amount of light compared with F2.0 aperture

Multiple interfaces

Audio I/O, Alarm I/O Built-in SD card slot

High volume speaker

Stronger deterrence to drive away intruders

130dB true WDR

Super clear images and more details in strong backlight environment

Smart Intrusion Prevention

Filter false alarm and only focus on interested targets

Brighter Image and Clearer Presentation of Details

Use ultra motion detection technology for precise Human/Vehicle detection, enjoy color recording when target is detected, and invisible guardianship when no events.

Deterrence Modes

  • Dual-Light Mode
  • IR Mode
  • Warm Light Mode

Application Scenarios

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