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Why OmniView?

One of the main challenges in video security is the need to monitor vast areas with limited resources. Conventional cameras are often limited in their field of view, which can result in blind spots. In addition, deploying multiple cameras can be both costly and time-consuming.

In this field of security, UNV Omniview cameras have some unique advantages compared to normal cameras, making them more suitable for specific security needs.

The UNV Omniview cameras offer a solution to these problems by providing a wider field of view with single installation. This eliminates blind spots and reduces the need for multiple cameras, saving time and money while improving security and efficiency. The UNV Omniview cameras are especially useful in outdoor environments such as squares, stadiums, and parking lots, where monitoring large areas is critical. By addressing these pain points, The UNV Omniview cameras have become an increasingly popular choice for organizations and businesses seeking reliable and efficient security cameras.

Features and benefits of Omniview

Panoramic field of view

Panoramic cameras can provide a wider field of view, capturing images of the entire area and reducing blind spots. This is useful for monitoring large open areas or complex scenes like intersections. Panoramic cameras can also record panoramic videos, offering more comprehensive video records for post-analysis and investigation. UNV Omniview cameras can provide up to 180° FOV with wide-angle lens and multi-lens splicing technology. The fisheye camera can even provide 360° panoramic images.

Simplified Installation

Due to the ultra-wide angle feature of panoramic cameras, we can cover the same large scene with a smaller number of panoramic cameras, thus reducing the cost of installation and maintenance.

Smart Analytics

UNV panoramic cameras integrated smart analytics features such as Smart Intrusion Prevention, Heat Map, etc.. This can improve the efficiency of maintaining security and reduce labor costs.

High-Resolution Images

Some panoramic cameras can provide high-resolution panoramic images, allowing users to monitor areas with greater clarity. Higher resolution represents clearer images and more details. Especially in large scenes, panoramic images can provide overall images, while details often provide key information. A high-resolution panoramic camera ensures that details are not lost while looking at the panorama.

Application Scenarios

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