UNV AcuSearch Technology
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UNV AcuSearch technology

Say goodbye to traditional video search

Complicated Search Operation?

Time-Consuming Suspect Locating?

Expensive Solution?

Perfect match in a flash, from Liveview to Playback


find the one you want

With UNV AcuSearch, finding target is made incredibly efficient. Users simply need to frame the target on the live or playback interface, click "search," and within seconds, they obtain results. This process, which used to take hours with traditional methods, is now reduced to mere seconds, greatly accelerating investigations.


search target from massive data

Leveraging the computational power, UNV AcuSearch can accurately extract target attribute information in complex environments, and comparing it with the massive data from all-channel footage. This minimizes the risk of errors and greatly saving time in identifying suspects.


and accessible solution

UNV AcuSearch technology is widely deployed on UNV NVRs at an affordable price. This accessibility allows small and medium-sized business owners to enjoy the benefits of faster and more accurate suspect locating, enabling swift tracking of criminals and illegal activities.

What's the secret behind AcuSearch?

Brand New Video Targeted Search

UNV AcuSearch adopts a brand-new video target search approach. Users only need to select the target object in the playback or live view interface by drawing a bounding box. The algorithm extracts corresponding targets based on the selected area, then analyzes the target type and extracts feature data.This information is then compared with existing data in the database, providing users with relevant historical data.

This innovative search method significantly enhances user search efficiency, offering a more intuitive search experience.

Intelligent Data Processing

AcuSearch's algorithms focus not only on capturing the overall features of people and motor vehicles when extracting object features, but also on meticulous local features, such as hairstyle and hair color of the human body, as well as the headlights of the motor vehicle, whether or not it is carrying a luggage rack.

This ensures a high degree of accuracy is achieved during the matching process, providing users with a more reliable recognition experience.

All Data Analysis on NVR

UNV AcuSearch fully leverages the potential of Network Video Recorder (NVR) to comprehensively analyze people and motor vehicles. By extracting features and storing them in a database, it ensures that any appearing individuals or motor vehicles are thoroughly recorded.

The rich data source guarantees users can access relevant information about the targets during usage, preventing the omission of any crucial details.

How the UNV AcuSearch works?

Experience the operation in featured video

Easy operation

In the live or playback interface, a single click is all that's needed to framethe target and obtain search results.

Better management for business owners

Acusearch technology is highly versatile in SMB scenarios. For instance, in shopping malls, it swiftly locates lost items by accessing relevant surveillance footage. In industrial parks, it aids security by promptly identifying and tracking suspicious individuals through historical location data, enabling immediate intervention against illegal activities.

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