Smart intrusion prevention

Accurate defense, efficient retrieval

Construction site

Securing a Multiuse Scalable Construction Site


Mission Accomplished

UNV recently helped in situating a scalable and complex construction site near Vancouver area in Canada.

Solution Highlights

- First and foremost, deal with coldness
Vancouver! One of Mother Nature's most impressive winter playgrounds -- and home to a new lineup of winter extreme sports – in its winter season. However, Canada’s winter may be a paradise for winter extreme sport seekers, it is definitely troublesome for the rest of us. Unless wrapped with scarves snow boots and tons of layers of clothes, going out is not an option for how shivering it is on the outside. Besides, there is snow everywhere, and everything is blocked. For instance, when someone forgot to park the car in the garage, he or she can kiss work on time goodbye, not only he or she has to figure out a way to jump start the car in such cold, whenever they want to open the car window, the snow literally will just pour in. Getting by in the Canadian winter is already hard enough, imaging what it will do to surveillance cameras, most camera require a minimum of environment temperature to jump start, which is way above Canada’s average winter temperature. To deal with the coldness, IPC6658SR-X25-VF Uniview 4K LightHunter IP PTZ Camera with an incredible temperature range of -40°F to +149°F was put into test. This particular PTZ camera is equipped with self generating heat pad initiate itself in order to compensate the lack of the environmental heat support. Along with Digital Defog, images are delivered in imperfect visual conditions as well as foggy and overcast conditions. Also, True WDR allows the equipment render more perfect images in complex scenes, challenging lighting conditions are not a problem, sounds ideal in a case like this.

- As importantly, be smart in a construction site is crucial:
Construction sites tends to be the perfect crime incubator for that it usually is doomed to messy. There are a million things happening at once at a construction site on a daily basis, like material pickups and deliveries, constructions, etc. Tower cranes, drum and gas cylinder trucks, workers coming in and out, an ensemble of dust mixed with sand, sometimes accompanied by small litter, raises from the ground in the form of a whirling, indicating the beginning of a chaos. Gradually, construction site becomes a nightmare.
Falling from high places is the number one most common construction accident, causing almost 35% of construction injuries. Falling Debris, tools, building materials, pieces of scaffolding, or other supplies can do serious damage if they fall from significant heights and land on a worker. In order to tackle this solution, the 4K 25x PTZ IPC6658SR-X25-VF and 4MP LightHunter VF Bullet IPC264SA-DZK cameras became the relatively ideal choice. Monitoring station feedback found much easier time identifying intrusion suspects via LightHunter and auto-tracking allowed them to keep an eye on suspects while giving much better detail and description to authorities instead of conventional black and white standard IR images. More importantly, only incidents with intrusion after hours needed to be monitored and accuracy is key to keep remote monitoring costs down and false alarms minimized. The Deep Learning with cross line detection helped keep an accurate detection rate while minimizing false alarms. Applied to construction sites, the chaotic situation will be sorted and managed in a timely and effective fashion.

Client Satisfaction

After one month of experiencing UNV solution, clients found much smoother business management compared to previous. Uniview will spare no effort to continue to set root in quality and look for technology and product breaking though.