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Bank Headquarter

Bank headquarter is the administration center of a bank taking full responsibility for managing all the devices of branches. It has the right to access to cameras in every branch, and backup the record from branch NVRs. Video stream from branch to headquarters is usually transferred through internet, which will consume much Internet bandwidth at headquarters. So realizing a cost-effective unified management through Internet is a challenge for bank headquarters. Based on that, UNV offers effective and low-TCO system with various functions to guarantee a normal operation.

Cost-Effective System

Ultra 265 + Sub Stream

Uniview provides Ultra 265 + sub stream solution. Headquarters’ live view and playback use sub stream by default, which saves 62.5% bandwidth expense.

Low TCO IP Storage

UNV IP storage adopts unique structure, allowing 48 bays in the 4 Units’ height with front panel hot swappable. Intelligent multistage speed fan can also help to save energy.

4U48 bays

Hot Swap HDD

Multistage Speed Fan

VMS Features

VMS 1+1 Hot Spare

UNV VMS support 1+1 hot spare function. If the Master VMS breaks down, the Standby VMS will take over the service immediately. All applications and data will be transferred back to Master VMS when it recovered from failure.

Complete CCTV Function

UNV VMS is a reliable management platform with various functions. Live view/playback, TV wall management, and user role management are all available on VMS client.

Friendly User Interface

UNV VMS is an easy-to-use management platform designed for CCTV system. Its flexible and feature-rich interface helps security guards easily and more efficiently verify alarms and coordinate a response.


VMS client supports flashing alarms on E-maps and links live view on a video wall. It enables security guards to faster locate event area, which significantly shortens their reaction time.

Remote Application

Bank managers are able to check live view, playback and alarm notifications at anytime and anywhere through UNV EZView APP. It helps managers to work easier with higher efficiency.