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Branch Security Center

Branch security management center plays a significant role in the whole systems. Security guards and bank managers are able to check live view and playback through TV wall, PC and other display devices. Hence, the reliability of NVR and data safety are important for bank video surveillance solution. Moreover, cyber security is another vital part due to the fact that the video stored in branch will be sent to the headquarters.


UNV cameras can automatically store video recordings into camera’s SD card when network is disconnected. Once the network is restored, the video recordings will be sent back to NVR. Thus, all of video recordings would be saved even network fails temporarily.

NVR N+1 Standby

UNV NVRs are deployed with N+1 hot backup capability. In the same network system, if any active NVR is out of service, the standby NVR will automatically takes over.

Digital Watermark

Video recordings can be watermarked with customized content to prevent video recordings from unauthorized editing, which ensures creditable video record.

Cyber Security over Internet

It would face a lot of potential safety issues when transferring video stream through Internet. However, with the help of HTTPS & MD5 encryption, dynamic key and isolated user data base, UNV optimized EZCloud solution can protect video stream from been hacked.