Uniview provides a more intelligent and safer environment in Produbanco, Ecuador

Uniview provides a complete intelligent solution for Produbanco and Broches to guard the bank in all directions, making its monitoring efficient and intelligent.


As the third largest bank in Ecuador, Produbanco of Ecuador was established in 1978 and has a history of more than 40 years. With more than 100 branches and offices nationwide, their business has now expanded to 9 countries in Central America.

Safe and reliable system, clear live view and playback images, intelligent detection and traceability, these factors are particularly important for bank monitoring systems. Therefore, Uniview provides customers with a high-definition, intelligent and high-stability solution.

The whole project is divided into three phases, with a total of more than 3000 high-definition IP cameras, NVRs with smart functions, and central management equipment, VMS.

Solution Highlights:

High Definition: Lighthunter technology and 120dB WDR of IP Cameras reduce the blurring in the video and give a better and clearer image either in day or night mode.

Smart functions: IP Cameras and NVR from Prime series that equipped with intelligent functions provide a smooth and fluent user experience. Smart intrusion prevention, it will active alarm if anyone enters the restricted zone and distinguish between animals and human to reduce the false alarm in addition. Face capture provides high-definition, helping banks to better monitor, record and trace when suspicious activity occurs.

VMS central management: Unicorn integrates storage and video management. It can access 2000 channels of the equipment. Master-slave mode is able to manage the cameras and NVRs from the surveillance system in a unified way, providing convenience to customers. Central backup makes the video stable and more reliable.

The success of this project demonstrates Uniview's ability to provide a complete set of solutions. In the future, Uniview will launch more new products such as, large-scale VMS, LPR, etc., to provide more comprehensive and customized solutions for more local projects.

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