City of Professions and Skills at Agadir, Morocco


The CMC Souss , the “Cités des Métiers et des Compétences” Program. Morocco government intends to build this new city to improve the professionality and skills of the whole country and attract foreign investment. It locates on 15 hectares of land in Drarga commune, Agadir.

The CMC Souss - Massa was designed to accommodate 3,000 trainees in training each year, with a trainee house with a capacity of 400 beds and place settings. The specialized institute in agro-Industry, currently being implemented in partnership with the Souss - Massa region, will be a branch attached to the CMC, thus bringing its overall reception capacity to 3,420 teaching places annually.


It is difficult to design and implement a complete solution that can seamlessly cover the whole CITY OF PROFESSIONS AND SKILLS AT AGADIR. Product selection for each location, the entire circuit design, and other factors must be taken into consideration.


The UNV cameras were chosen because of their ability to seamlessly integrate with the VMS and other security systems like access control, fire detection, etc., as well as their high quality images, solid construction and high reliability. The solution allows the CMC’s security team to access the platform from anywhere, using computers it already had in place, resulting in savings to invest in additional coverage zones. With hundreds of cameras connected, and more to come, the EZVMS dashboard helps identify bottlenecks, communication issues and bandwidth consumption, helping to ensure that the system stays fully operational and optimized.


UNICORN: Since there’s a large amount of cameras (348 IP cameras), UNICORN Monitoring platform for backup and management of peripherals, it  offers a comprehensive solution by connecting other UNV products, such as IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host, alarm host, etc. The software deployment is simple, stable and reliable. It can not only be widely used in LAN-based application scenarios such as residential area, building, campus, hotel and shopping mall, but also in WAN-based application scenarios such as chain store and bank. UNV VMS device can easily solve the challenges caused by decentralized management.

NVR516-128ch:  2 x 128 channel NVR 16 SATA were deployed to manage all the devices, meeting the challenging requirement of storage and decoding. The NVR516 is designed for those kind of projects which need maximum up to 128 channels of connection. An additional 12 extra HDMI channels are available for the decoding card. In other words, the NVR516 can decode 112-ch 1080P which totally meet the need in the control center

UNV network cameras are now smoothly operating in the CMC Agadir. The PTZ Bullet Network Cameras in the open areas bring all-round monitoring and Dome Network Cameras installed in the indoors with robust quality provide reliable surveillance experience. For the buildings installed with network cameras, security level are highly promoted. The management of the project are getting easier and more efficient. The goal of UNV’s products is to safeguard the students and the value of learning.

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