Uniserve Project: How to optimize logistics and trade management

Founded by Iain Liddell in 1984, Uniserve has grown to become the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics and global trade management provider. Uniview, together with our official distributor Digital Direct Security, are expected to provide the complete video surveillance solution to Uniserve’s headquarter. Seamlessly blending ocean freight, air freight and road freight services with intelligent warehousing, distribution and supply chain, makes the solution much more complex. Including camera's in a freezer of minus 30 degrees, So many interesting features and nearly every type of Uniview camera used.

To tackle the multi-dimensional challenges of the solution,

Products like IPC3615LR3-PF28-D, IPC2325LBR3-SPZ28-D, as well as NSW2010-10T-POE, etc. were used in the project.

•   LightHunter

Traditional infrared light is regarded as a black-and-white picture, which has a difficult time restoring the real surveillance scene. Poor low-light effect and is easy to lost details. . Especially for large warehouses.There are different monitoring requirements at different times. You will face large or narrow space, and there are strong light or dark light even no light environment, all these mixed scenes require high dynamic range of camera video. Uniview LightHunter technology ensures ultra-high image quality in low illumination environment. You will get a good picture no matter where you install the cameras.

•   Low-temperature environment

There are both common warehouses and low-temperature cold-chain warehouses with surrounding temperature ranging from-18℃ to-25℃ for these large storage systems. Electronic devices tend to shut down during low temperature emviornment, that’s if the camera cannot reach the preheating value, it cannot be started if the ambient temperature is too low.

Fortunately, Uniview cameras has a wide adapting temperature, range from -30°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F) that can perfectly cope with extremely cold environment.

•   250m POE

The large-scale storage system covers a large area and the room is empty. Each floor has no independent shaft or operation room for transit, which is very different from the traditional buildings and hotels. The distance between the two mounting points is very far. NSW2010-10T-POE, up to 250m transmission distance on surveillance mode, make the vast logistics land solution come true.

With everyone’s collaborative efforts, the project was greatly recognized and received high praise from the customer. Our aim is to become a global leader in video surveillance industry which endeavors to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and services.

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