Challenged? Solved The Amsterdam OBA Bulk Seaport Terminal Solution

OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam is the second largest bulk cargo transshipment company in the Netherlands, with a continuous storage area of ​​700,000 square meters and a total storage capacity of approximately 3.5 million tons. As a busy terminal, it transfers 11.5 million tons of cargo annually on average. How to achieve the best control over the huge space and the complicated goods storage.

Since the terminal includes both seaside and inland areas, two completely different and complex topographies, it makes the security of seaport very challenging. A professional video surveillance plays an important role in seaport security. Uniview has been dedicated to video surveillance industry for years, accumulated abundant experience and knowledge in varied terminal projects.

The weather in the seaport is cold and humid. We choose IPC3634SB-ADZK-I0 outdoor cameras, which are equipped with built-in heating module, to ensure adaptability under extremely cold environment (-40℃). IP67 protection make sure the cameras will keep working even in wet environment. Optical Defog function will play a huge role in defogging for clearer image at seaport on foggy days. Also LightHunter technology ensures ultra-high image quality in low illumination environment.

Another important aspect of port security is the protection of goods. Goods are stored in yards and warehouses usually, which makes real-time video surveillance in yards and warehouses extremely important and more effective. For instance, cameras equipped with video content analytics, to detect potential theft and suspicious activity.

Uniview solution greatly facilitated the management of the OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam and won the praise of customers. We are always committed to continuously exporting good products and solutions to help our customers for a satisfactory experience.

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