UNV provides a stronger protection to transportation in Cable Bus, Mexico.

UNV provides a stronger protection to transportation in Cable Bus, Mexico.


The city's newest form of transportation has the capacity to move 144,000 people a day. It is a social project that serves areas of high population density, reducing travel times and providing a safe and innovative service.

The flow of people is large, and there is a great demand for every moment of video recording. Multi-channel real-time monitoring requires a professional monitoring system to ensure the perfection and smoothness of the operation, and to protect the safety of citizens at all times.

Uniview deployed a complete and thorough system in order to better protect the place. Entrance area and waiting lobby have a large area. The fisheye camera’s correction function can be used to clearly see every place. The temperature of the cable car is large between day and night, and the camera is adaptable to a wide range of temperature.


In this project, UNV IPC868ER-VF18-B Panoramic 4K Fisheye Dome Camera was used. It has a 360 degree ultra wide angle lens, so it can cover a large field of view. This panoramic camera has a 1.8mm Lens which provides an extreme wide area of coverage and 12 Megapixel resolution and it can operate under-31°F to +140°F, within an extreme temperature range. This is the most suitable and ideal product for this project.


This panoramic camera has a MicroSD Card slot for on board recording. It can be used as a redundant video storage with data saved even if the network connection is lost. Once the network connection is restored, the data will be transferred back to the NVR.


Also in this project, we have used the UNV Unicorn Video Management Server, this VMS is for managing large surveillance applications. It can handle up to 2000 IP camera connections and up to 1000 devices.

The high quality of UNV products and the high performance of the equipment provide the best video surveillance solution for Cable Bus. Uniview is looking forward to help further improve the safety worldwide through well designed and made products.

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